Principles of Financial Planning

There are many different ideas about what financial planning is and how to do it. Below are the principles we use to ensure a great planning process and make it most likely you will achieve your goals. If these are what you have been looking for, give us a call.

Planning, Not a Plan – We believe a financial plan is a tool, not a static document. Lives are dynamic. We wish to meet with our clients regularly, and be available all the time, to help them make wise financial choices. It is our goal to update your financial plan on a regular basis so we stay current with the changes in your life. Thick plans with fancy graphs usually end up in a drawer and are typically used only to market financial products. We offer an alternative to this common practice.

Comprehensive Fee-Only Financial Planning – will add significant value. Decisions in one area of your life affect other areas of your finances. For instance, buying a second home affects your cash flow, potentially your retirement date, your taxes and insurance needs. Since they are integrated we take a comprehensive view with our financial plans addressing:

  • Cash flow analysis
  • Risk management review (life, disability, long-term care, liability…)
  • Estate planning techniques
  • Tax strategies

Maintaining the Highest Standard of Living – We believe people want to maintain the highest standard of living they can afford throughout their lives. Our plans tell you what you can afford to spend given your age, income, assets and committed expenses such as a mortgage or college tuition. This method of planning allows you to:

  • Correct overspending now to avoid a significant reduction in standard of living during retirement
  • Make more lifetime gifts to charity or family knowing you can afford it
  • Focus on important activities and people in your life knowing your consumption is appropriate given your resources

Coordinating With Your Other Financial Experts – It can be a daunting task to coordinate the essential pieces of a full financial team. While we are not tax preparers, insurance agents or attorneys, we are in a unique to position to know our clients’ complete financial picture. As such we can help you coordinate the members of your advisory team to help get strategies implemented. And since we are fee-only, any advice we give is not influenced by commissions. Advice is simply given in your best interest. We can provide:

  • Tax reports for your investment accounts directly to your tax preparer
  • Collaboration with your tax preparer on retirement plans and charitable giving to be sure your whole plan is considered not just the tax ramifications.
  • Information on assets to your estate planning attorney formatted the way they want it
  • Insurance coverage recommendations



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