Our philosophy is to put the client first. We believe the only business worth owning is one that treats every client the way we want to be treated. We provide service that clearly adds value to our clients’ lives. As such we run our business by the following tenets:

Honesty and Integrity

We wish to maintain long-term relationships with our clients. We understand that such relationships must be based on trust. Trust occurs only when people act with utmost integrity and honesty.


We are true fee-only financial advisors. We sell no products and have no financial relationship with any party other than our clients. Our only source of revenue is directly from you based on the value of your portfolio – no commissions, no referral fees. We are, therefore, free to focus on your priorities and to provide you with objective and unbiased advice.

Client Education

Developing a solid understanding, both of one’s own situation and also of the general ways the financial markets work, is very important. People will work harder to implement a plan that is clear, reasonable, and understood. We recognize this and make education an integral part of each client relationship.

Individual Attention

Every client and situation is unique; therefore, we do not provide “cookie cutter” plans or investment recommendations. We tailor the content, scope and presentation of each plan and Investment Policy Statement to the particular situation of the client. This creates both successful planning and investing.

Checks and Balances

For over 25 years we have used independent outside custodians to hold our clients’ assets. These custodians independently send confirmations after every trade and provide monthly statements that can be compared with our quarterly reports to verify the holdings are the same. We felt this was important when we started the business and now, unfortunately, there are real life examples to show why.